Tournament Information

The DRAFTDAY WESTCAN HOCKEY SUMMIT will be a highly competitive event providing all those in attendance with a first class tournament experience. The event will run in association with our WESTERN ALL-STAR PROSPECTS which will have 8 regionalized 2008 all-star teams from WHL priority draft areas with many top WHL prospects and WHL hockey personnel in attendance. The all-star event will provide great exposure and visibility for these young athletes looking to take the next step in their hockey careers. Along with the tournament showcase games the Prospects event will feature a full on and off ice combine through SPORT TESTING where Under Armour Prospects jerseys will be provided along with socks and shorts and performance T-shirt combine apparel. Go to to view last years Prospects event highlights and event.

Throughout the Summit weekend along with the games we will have event seminars and information sessions appropriately tailored to these younger hockey players who will no doubt aspire to gain their spots in the All-Star Prospects weekend as they get older.

Finally, DRAFTDAY SELECTION STAFF will be on site at all games throughout the weekend evaluating players for 2023 opportunities for our North American, International and European events and programming.


Boys 2009-2014 – May 19 – May 22, 2022

2021 Hosts: Winsport Arena & 7 Chiefs Sportsplex, Calgary, AB

  • 5 game guarantee, 3 x 15 minute periods
  • Real time online scoring and schedules
  • Playoff A and Playoff B Pools*
  • 8 teams divisions or more*
  • Reasonable Registration Fee $2495 +GST
  • Evaluation for 2023 Draftday North American and European programming